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We made our industry debut in 2006 with a simple idea: to make the kind of accessories a guitarist needs to cultivate his passion. Whether a professional singer-songwriter, hobbyist, weekend warrior or the next star, Nu-X has a wide range of analog and digital products to satisfy any musical genre. We are constantly looking for new ideas for better products, at a better value and to provide excellent customer service. Our R&D team has the same passion in creating our products as those who use our products to create.

What is “Nu-X”?

Nu-X which pronounced as “new X” means new effects (FX). Nu-X products include multi-effects processors, stomp boxes, amplifiers, pedal tuners, all of which are loaded with features and cool sounds. Nu-X products use TS/AC technology which sets them apart from the other pedals.

What is TS/AC?

The full name is True Simulation of Analog Circuits. This technology was developed to accurately emulate the way an all tube amplifier interacts with a loudspeaker. Generally speaking, musicians are not happy about the simulation sounds coming out of even a professional analog simulator. The reason is that real analog equipment has greater dynamic range. That’s what is often called “feel”. TS/AC technology is mainly used in the simulation of nonlinear circuit algorithms. All Nu-X effects pedals and amps use this technology.