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Dixon Drums

Before we launched Dixon Drums we thought: Does the world need another drum brand? There are many excellent brands with great legacies so what will we have to offer?

We set out on a journey across the country to find out what drummers wanted and what makes them excited. We listened to what you, the drummer, cared about and the response was overwhelming; it’s all about the sound. Not the sound from a celebrity drummer but your sound.

So we built kicks, snares, toms, and hardware based on what we heard and we continue the conversation to constantly improve. We make great drums for drummers who are passionate about their music. Dixon won’t be endorsing the next arena act. Instead we’ll be reaching out to the drummer community to support you on your road to success.

We’ve been hearing great feedback from Dixon Drums owners. We’re jazzed hearing about how you love the kits and even more so by your passionate stories about playing drums. As a drummer myself I still carry that passion every time I play.